HighRI Optics、Inc.は、高度なフォトニクスアプリケーションを可能にする高度な光学材料と新しい光学技術を開発しています。当社独自の特許取得済みの高屈折率光学材料は、優れた光学性能を備えた光学素子の大量生産のためのソリューションを提供します。ファイバーナノインプリント技術により、よりシンプルで優れた光操作を実現できます。

Before incorporating in 2019, we were a department at aBeam Technologies, Inc. The team was previously recognized with the prestigious R&D 100 award.


HighRI Optics, Inc. is an innovative developer of high refractive index optical materials and applications. We supply technology, optical material products, and processes to enable advancement in the photonic and optoelectronic industries.

Our expertise lies in nanofabrication, material science, chemistry, and optics to support the customers’ needs and provide a competitive edge through the delivery of high refractive index materials and innovative optical solutions.

Our key offerings:

  • High Refractive Index Materials
  • Fiber Photonics
  • Test standards for ITF Calibration and Image Reconstruction

We are based in the East Bay of San Francisco / Bay Area, just north of the heart of Silicon Valley.