Reliable Calibration

To produce reliable data and have confidence in the measurements being taken, an instrument must be properly calibrated. Due to the nature of the measurements for some applications and objects, a benchmark or standard for measurements would be near impossible to produce. From X-ray mirrors to microscopes, it is imperative to root out inconsistencies and aberrations.

The team of researchers at HighRI Optics has developed the necessary technology to facilitate these measurements including customizable nanoscale test patterns for instrument characterization. Additionally, we have streamlined our process using Binary Pseudo Random Array (BPRA) to ensure we deliver the highest quality calibration and mitigate traditional limitations from instrumental performance related to the limited resolution, instrumental aberrations, drift, and noise, as well as from contrast enhancement algorithms used to preprocess the images.

Products and Solutions

  • Binary Pseudo Random Array Test Standards are available with minimum feature sizes between 1.5 nm ~ 15 µm.
  • Custom fabrication of BPRA test standards are possible to meet the application requirement

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