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Precise and accurate measurement results in reliable data and are the foundation for dependable equipment, machines., and devices. The team at HighRI enhances confidence in measurements through trusted tools and processes.

The reliability of measured images suffers significantly from limitations of the instrumental performance related to the limited resolution, instrumental aberrations, drift, and noise, as well as from contrast enhancement algorithms used to preprocess the images. Our techniques help to mitigate these limitations and deliver the very best in equipments applications and function.

Use Cases and Applications

  • X-ray Optics
  • Research Laboratories
    • Imaging & Optics
  • Optics Manufacturing
  • Metrology Instrument Development
  • Military Aerospace

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BPRA Test Samples / Software

Binary Pseudo Random Test standards are patented technology that offers unparalleled benefits to thoroughly characterize the imaging systems. BPRA test standards contain variation at all spatial frequencies visible to the imaging system at all positions in the field of view. Such “white-noise” patterns would result in a flat spatial-frequency response (a constant power spectral density, PSD) when recorded with an ideal imaging system. For a real imaging system, the observed deviation from a flat PSD is a measure of the ITF over the entire dynamic range of the instrument.

We offer BPRA test standards with minimum feature sizes between 3 nm – 15 µm, to cover high to mid spatial frequencies.

BPRA test standards can be custom fabricated for specific applications.

Photograph of a Binary Pseudo Random Test Standard