High Refractive Index Materials

Our superior resins are specially formulated with ultra-high refractive index and unparalleled optical transparency. Specialized formulas combined with selectable curing methods facilitate high-fidelity nanopatterning using Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL). The material can also be used as a coating with varying thicknesses to meet your application needs.

Fiber Photonics

HighRI’s Fiber photonics removes the challenges associated with free-space optics and enables reliable and stable manipulation of light in a small footprint. HighRI’s innovations in nanoimprinting open up a whole world of capabilities for lab-on-fiber technology and a wide variety of applications.

Metrology Solution

Real-world limits on the performance of imaging systems by the quality of available optics and data acquisition process. A major challenge for R&D is to reliably understand the true-performance of the imaging tools. HighRI has the know-how and the technology for instrument calibration and data reconstruction via Instrument Transfer Function (ITF). Your measurements need to be reliable and accurate increase the degree of confidence of the extracted information.

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