Nanopatterning & Optical Coatings

The new imprinting process, developed by HighRI, transfers a perfect replica of a 3D structure from a silicone mold onto a fiber’s edge. Nanoimprinting technology provides reproducibility and nanoscale resolution!

Wavefront Manipulation

The integration of complex 3D photonic structures directly onto an optical fiber enables powerful platforms with unique optical functionalities. HighRI can precisely manipulate the phase and wavefront of light, with many added advantages such as reproducibility, stability, compact size, and cost.

Super-Resolution Imaging

HighRI’s super-resolution imaging solutions are comprised of a variety of optical elements and potential applications. The most commonly used device being the Campanile probe. Using nanoimprinting, we have made the Campanile more accessible to designers and researchers. Our team has reduced the labor and cost inherent to the original design and have created a much more rapidly reproducible and cost-effective probe.

Instrument Transfer Function (ITF) Characterization and Reconstruction

HighRI Optics has developed the necessary technology to facilitate measurements, benchmark, standard for measurements – including cuzimoable nanoscale test patterns for instrument transfer function (ITF) characterization.

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