Expanding Technical Boundaries

Nanoimprinting technology provides reproducibility and nanoscale resolution, which enables high-volume production of photonic and optoelectronic devices. The availability of a functional high refractive index resin is one of the critical enablers to make that possible.

HighRI’s proprietary ultra-high refractive index materials are optimized for nanoimprint lithography with refractive indices from 1.8 to 2.00 at 590 nm. To meet the performance and process requirements, the NIL material are formulated with nanoparticle-free and nanocomposite types. The nanoparticle-free formulation with a 1.8 refractive index exhibits high transparency in the visible wavelength and is NIL processable. It has highest refractive index ever reported among the organic polymers. The nanocomposites exhibit tunable refractive index values between 1.8 ~ 2.0 at 590 nm, with high optical transparency and low haze. These materials can become an essential part of the ecosystem to enable the mass-production of future photonic devices.

Products and Solutions

  • HighRI CP5-UV1.8
  • HighRI CP5-Thermal1.8
  • HighRI Nano1.93
  • HighRI Nano2.0

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